Monday, March 23, 2020

Cloth Mask

My husband asked me to make him a mask since he is the one going out and buying groceries during this whole COVID-19 thing going on. I used a batik for the exterior and flannel for the lining. I added shoe laces for the ties and then put a couple of cord stops on the shoe laces to be able to tighten the mask and so it won't loosen as it is worn. I came up with the cord stop idea myself. Elastic breaks down so quickly and the elastic I had on hand that has been unused, but sitting in a drawer for years, is less stretchy now than when new. In fact, a lot of my elastic seemed to lose it's stretch, so I had to toss it out.

Here is the mask, being modeled by my Golden Retriever puppy. The puppy is very life like, even though she is made of concrete. Darn, I should have taken a photo of her before the mask went on. 

Side view.

The cord stops can be tightened on top and bottom.
Not sure how much protection hubby will have wearing this, but it's better than nothing, that is if he bothers to wear it at all. I think this mask will come in handy when he is doing stuff like sanding wood where there is a lot of dust in the air, so I hope he at least keeps it for that, especially since it can be washed and dried for many uses.

I think the cord stops might not be a good idea for healthcare workers if they cannot be sterilized, but for personal use they are great!
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  1. You are so clever using those cord stops!!! I have enough elastic to make about 45-50 masks which I will be doing at work as we aren't doing face to face visits starting this week. I still have lots of medications to call in so I'm still needed, thank goodness!!! I am going to take my sewing machine to work to make masks for others in the health field, not the front line people as we are saving the N95 and surgical masks for them. Take Care and great job on the mask, love it!!

  2. Great idea of the cords stops, Daryl, but elastic is better for healthcare workers. Love the batik and the flannel inside is great as it would be soft on the face. I should make my hubby one for grocery runs. Thanks for the inspiration. Some of the locals are using these to wear under the N95 respirators.

  3. i love it, the toggle idea is genius. i was wearing a mask at the clinic last night and I was fighting to keep it on properly. great job as always.


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