Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Llama Print Yarn Bag

I made this yarn bag as requested by a friend of mine. I quilted the fabric to foam stabilizer and added a front slip pocket and a back zippered pocket. Inside is a slip pocket divided in the middle with a pen pocket. I also added purse feet on the bottom to help keep it cleaner, (along with more foam to make it sturdier). I enlarged this bag and made several of my own changes, using Very Shannon's Reversible Box Tote as a starting point for the bag shape. This fabric matches the tool bag I made for her a couple of years ago (see lat photo).

Yarn Bag in llama print with mint colored background.
Back of the bag has a zippered pocket.
Skein of yarn charm on the zipper pull I made.

Inside slip pocket divided with a pen pocket.

4 purse feet on the bottom of the bag along with extra foam for sturdiness.

Front outside divided slip pocket.
This is that notions tool bag with 3 inside zippered pockets that I made my friend a couple of years ago and that now matches the new yarn bag I just made for her.

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  1. Adorable fabric, Daryl. I could see many uses for this bag, and love that it stands by itself.

  2. THIS IS MY BAG!!!! i love them both and they can be used for many things. at the moment i'm working on some hand embroidery and it fits perfectly in the big bag. the little bag with all the pockets to me is ideal for embroidery. i used it recently when i was knitting to felt it was easy to hold the bag and continue knitting. i love the fabric and Daryl you did a fantastic job on both, i'm so lucky.

  3. You find the best fabrics for fun bags!

  4. I really like the fabric, especially for people who buy or spin their own llama wool!

  5. The llama fabric is so cute! I love the zipper pull! Lucky friend!

    1. Thank you Michelle! Since you are a no reply, I couldn't email you directly.

  6. Tara, you are one lucky friend! This is an awesome bag. Great shape and roomy to hold lots of goodies. Great job Daryl!
    I LOVE the llama print! My daughter is crazy about llamas, I'll have to keep my eye out for a similar fabric.
    I have downloaded the pattern from Very Shannon. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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