Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Bodacious Bowler

I recently tested this bag by ChrisW Designs. It is a bowler style bag that comes in 3 sizes. While they are small-medium-large, the large is more of an adult medium size and the smaller ones are perfect for young children or to use as a cosmetic or toiletry bag. Christine had a lot of testers testing this bag and we each made different sizes, so check out the testers versions here. Christine had digitized a cute drawing from when her daughter was young, which can be embroidered on the front pocket if you have an embroidery machine, and several testers did just that. I do not have an embroidery machine, so I made my bag in all batiks, inside and out. {If interested in purchasing this bag, please scroll to the bottom of this post.}

This is the large size bag.

The large size only has the phone pocket at the back top.

Even using a lint roller before taking these photos, the lint showed on my bag, :0(

The front pocket has a magnetic snap closure. One of the testers sewed a dividing line down the center to give her 2 pockets, so she didn't use a snap, which is another option.

The cell phone pocket holds my keys, since I don't have a cell phone. I am probably the only person not to have a cell phone, lol!

To give you an idea of space, I could fit my large wallet, sunglasses case and reading glasses case inside and there is plenty of room to spare.

I like to divide my slips pockets with a pen pocket in the center,

Here you can how roomy is is with nothing (except for the pen) inside the bag. The bag opens up nice and wide too.

There is a zippered pocket inside too across from the slip pocket. That makes 6 pockets on my bag (the large front pocket, the divided slip pocket, including the pen pocket, the zippered pocket and the cell phone pocket), but you can divide your pockets or not as you choose, yielding a different number of pockets.

You can add purse feet to the bottom if you like also. The black nylon strips were say we say a "design opportunity" because I cut the base of the bag a bit too short and had to piece the fabric. So I decided to cover up the seam line with some nylon strapping and I figure that these will act as purse feet on this bag, lol! I doubt anyone would have looked at the bottom of the bag closely anyhow.
I am selling this Bodacious Bowler for $75.00 + $15.00 shipping (USA shipping, elsewhere will cost more). If interested in purchasing please email me. SOLD!
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  1. Daryl Dear your Bodacious Bag in Blue Batiks is BLUEtiful. Lots of pockets and the nice roomy inside makes this an excellent overnight bag. I like your webbing on the bottom pieced seams. You are always clever and thoughtful in your execution of pattern designs. Well Done...<3

  2. Aha - another "fix it and feature it" moment! Great example of thinking on your feet, Daryl. ;-) Did you actually use rivets on your straps ends?

  3. Daryl - this is so very beautiful. I love all your design elements and "work abouts" - my word for solutions of sewing problems. I also do not use a cell phone, however, we have a pre-paid phone that is used for traveling only - we put $100 a year on it. That is for our own safety and for making hotel reservations and such. Love seeing all your projects so keep on keeping on. JudyC

  4. I LOVE this shape its so fun and so darn practical. The colors are exciting and all your added details make it pop. I would be way to scared to try a pattern like that its fun to hear the process through you. love all the photos its so helpful to see the details it helps me figure out what I think is necessary in a purse or tote. Tara

  5. 1. Gorgeous fabrics.
    2. Gorgeous pattern.
    3. Gorgeous embellishments - including the design opportunity (I call them design decisions, lol).
    4. If you were my neighbour I'd find a reason to drop by every time I heard your sewing machine start up. Not that I'm stalker-y or anything (yes I am!) :)

  6. I only got a cell phone AFTER our grandson was born as I was always bummed to be missing out on the latest photos ect. I love your use of batiks for bags!


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