Thursday, April 27, 2017

Enlarged Sweet Pea Saddle Bag

I made the Sweet Pea Saddle Bag by Blue Calla Designs recently and loved the bag, but knew I needed to enlarge it for myself, so I enlarged it 25%, but could have gone to 35% larger because I had to leave out a couple of things I normally carry. This great pattern is also a FREE pattern, yippee!!! Here is the enlarged Sweet Pea Saddle Bag I made, with some extra pockets I added too.
I did not add the tassel on the front bottom of the bag as in the instructions. I am not that into tassels, lol!!!

Batik exterior fabric.

Side of the bag.

I added a large slip pocket on the back of the bag for my keys and more.

I also added a divided slip pocket inside. The pattern has instructions for the zippered pocket inside, but I also needed a pocket for a pen and paper, so I added a slip pocket. All my crap fits inside, but I did have to leave out a couple of things I normally carry, so I could have enlarged the bag another 10%.

Inside the bag when empty.

Cross-body style bag with an adjustable strap is my favorite style bag!

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  1. Oh yes. I do like the enlarged version and love the fabrics you selected.

  2. I'm crushing on your triangle hardware - first time I've seen it used where it fits the project.
    Beautiful batiks.

  3. Lovely! I'll have to look for the pattern.

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous bag.

    Hugs Diane

  5. Beautiful bag Daryl, love the fabrics! I always seem to carry a wider, I carry too much stuff!

  6. I was lucky enough to see this bag up close and personal. I think its the prefect size and with all your pockets it really makes it efficient. great job, wonderful fabric, I love the surprise route 66 fabric for the interior as well. Straps that can be adjusted are so necessary, great job I know you will enjoy this one for a long time.


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