Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scrappy Fabric Thread Catchers

I wanted to use up some scraps of fabric and try to make a thread catcher too. These are also fabric bowls and can be used to hold other things besides snippets of thread and fabric. I made most of these in different color families and one in 30's fabrics.
This is made with gold fabrics. This one belongs with the photos at the end. I don't know how these photos sometimes get mixed up.

Mostly 30's fabrics. The other sides and bottom in the next few photos.

This one is blue fabrics and the next few photos show the other sides of the thread catcher.

Here is the green scrappy thread catcher with the other sides below.

Yellows and oranges here and the other sides below.

Here are the other sides of the gold tread catcher. The very first photo belongs in this group too.

 These thread catcher baskets stand 5" tall, 5" wide, 4" deep (where the boxed corners are). I used a double layer of cotton batting. I did quilt as you go onto one layer of the batting. Then added the second layer of batting and quilted through both layers. Then the lining was added so you don't see the quilting on the inside.
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  1. Great looking baskets, Daryl. You can never have too many. I've been thinking of making myself some in colours so I can sort fabric scraps on the go, instead of shoving them into bags.

  2. these will be so useful for scraps etc wonder what size they are and how you make them stand up, is it just wadding you have used?

  3. What a simple, great way to use those scraps. Just the right size to hold all kinds of things in a pretty way that can be displayed.

  4. Great useful projects. Lovely fabrics blended together to become wonderful thread catchers and more. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  5. great idea! I'm going to make them too. I love all your cute baskets.

  6. These are super cute! I was wondering how they would look with strips instead of squares. I am so glad you mentioned it on my blog. I also liked hearing how you did the double layer of batting on the outside instead of the lining.


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