Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blue Dew Drop Knit Cowl

My friend Tara gave me some yarn recently and I was drawn to the beautiful blue color of this yarn. I decided to knit a cowl and thought the Dew Drop Cowl would work for this yarn. It's an easy pattern to knit. I had an earlier version of this pattern and it was a long knit. There is an updated version in a shorter length now too.
Wrapped around a few times.
Wrapped twice around.
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  1. Beautiful shade of blue. Well made!

  2. Very pretty cowl. I have that pattern too. I tried it with some Euroflax Linen yarn, but didn't like it. I like yours with the thick and thin yarn.

  3. That's a beautiful scarf, Daryl. Love that color of blue!

  4. That's a beautiful scarf, Daryl. Love that color of blue!

  5. Love your scarf, the bleu color is just beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  6. Oh that blue yarn is delicious and you selected a wonderful knit cowl pattern to show off the delicacy of this beautiful yarn. Creative Blue Bliss...

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  8. great use of the yarn, its perfect and the color is so good on you. I love the way it drapes. I'll have to look up that pattern. I knew you could find the perfect use for that yarn.

  9. Beautiful color Daryl and as always fabulous work:)

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