Friday, September 27, 2013

Lombard Street Bag

I was one of the bags testers for Christine of Chris W. Designs. This was my first time testing a bag for Christine too. This bag goes across your body with an adjustable strap and has a zippered pocket to hold an iPad or similar device, which is padded with By-Annie's Soft and Stable (or headliner foam which is what I used). Plus there loads of outside and inside pockets to hold other goodies too. I made mine in 2 batik fabrics. Please check out the other bag testers and see how different their bags look because we all chose different fabrics of course, especially that super beautiful fabric that Liz chose. Wow that is a great fabric!

Christine had a bag naming contest too and the chosen name was Lombard Street, which is a street in San Francisco that is a very steep zigzagging road. Perfect name choice for this bag because of the slanted zigzag-looking pockets on the front. I wanted my zigzag pockets to stand out more so I alternated my fabrics so you could really see the pockets better. I have a lot of photos of this bag because well I am pretty darn proud of myself for making it! Lol! I learned a few new things too. Thank you Christine for letting me test your bag. If you'd like to make this bag or one of Christine's other beautiful bags designs, please check out her website at Chris W. Designs.

Lombard Street Bag front view.
Zigzag pockets.
My daughter's iPad I borrowed for the photo shoot, lol.
iPad fits nicely inside the pocket, which has the padded headliner foam (or By-Annie's Soft and Stable) to keep it cushioned.
Top of the bag has a recessed zipper.
I added a beaded zipper pull that I made to each of the 3 zippers (iPad pocket, hidden zipper pocket, and recessed zipper) 
Can you see the hidden zippered pocket?
As seen from the back view.

Back view.
The hidden zippered pocket unzipped.
The inside pockets. I sewed a narrow pocket for a pen in-between 2 of the pockets.
iPad in pocket.
iPad pocket.

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  1. This bag is so beautiful it's hard not to post a lot of photos. You did a great job and should be proud of your achievement. Love those zipper pulls by the way.

  2. I've yet to make a bag but this one is going on my Make Someday List... love the design and I've visited Lombard Street too. It fits! I love all the compartments and the compact size - and your fabric choices are gorgeous.

  3. This is such a great bag for commuting. The fabric choices are wonderful. Well done. Creative Blissful Sewing...

  4. Great bag, I love the batik fabrics of course. Great size too.

  5. This bag is beautiful! I love it. I love the colors of the fabrics....and also sice I love batik fabrics , if I see this bag in a boutique, I go and buy it without a doubt!
    I love all about this bag! The design is perfect , and you have honored the design with the use of these beautiful fabrics! Well done more time :)

  6. I LOVE that bag Daryl!!! I'm going to have to make one to carry at retreats where I take my iPad :*) Thanks for sharing!

  7. The bag is beautiful and I love your fabric choices, The zig zag pockets on the front are a great feature.

  8. WOW! totally fabulous for all us iPad owners and I really like the front zipper pocket. I love that dress form every time you use it and I remember what a great deal you got on it:)

  9. Great job, Daryl. You should be very proud of it. I love those zig zag pockets!!!


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