Friday, September 13, 2013

Are you a No-Reply Blogger Using Google+?

I have received a lot of comments the past few days because of the Pin-It Blog Hop and several of the comments were from no-reply bloggers. This of course means that I cannot contact them since no email address shows up for me in my email where my comments go. I took the time to try and inform some of these people that they were no-reply. I clicked on their names and up came their Google+. Some had an email contact on their Google+ and some did not. I contacted those I could and left replies directly on my blog to the comments they left for me informing them that they were no-reply bloggers. Since I am having a give-away drawing, those whom I cannot contact will sadly be left out of the drawing. Not to mention there are other give-away drawings on several other blogs during this Pin-it blog hop and if they also left comments on those blogs with hopes to win something, well they don't have a chance to win anything if they cannot be contacted. Even the cheerleader for this blog hop came up as a no-reply so I informed her right away. Google+ does funny things to your settings.

Here is a tutorial sent to me by one of my followers who happened to be a no-reply herself and I let her know and she fixed her blog and sent me this link on how to fix it so you are no longer a no-reply. Here is another link from a different blog, so check them both out and see which one works for you.
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  1. Even after all the times you, me, and everyone else posts about no reply bloggers, I still had a couple on my Pin It blog. I feel so bad when I can't reply to them. Thanks AGAIN for posting about this. :O)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to address the no reply blogger situation. I hope the website helps other NRB'S like myself and again thank you for calling this problem to my attention. From what I can gather, us "googlites" must set our preference on EACH blog we are following, INDIVIDUALLY. The blogs we are following are listed for us. We need to check our preferences for notifications, one at a time. At least I haven't found a default or a "Select All" button. Good Day!

  3. well I found a button to check off in my profile sew now I wanted to test it out to see if I am now a reply blogger..... fingers crossed
    thanks Daryl
    in stitches

  4. Hi Daryl,
    I went to the link you had highlighted and the second thing she has you do is to click on "blogger profile". I'm not a blogger so I was stumped as to how to proceed.


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