Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fun Mugs...

I was looking at Amazon.com and found some fun mugs. There are a lot more mugs than these on Amazon. Wouldn't it be fun get some of these mugs and make mug rugs for them? Since we are in the last few days of the Spring Mug Rug Blog Hop, I thought I would share these with you.
My husband jokes with me that I am always right. So I really should buy this mug and make a matching mug rug to go with it just to reinforce the fact that I am (always right that is, lol).

This is a pretty one.
Joe Cool here. This mug would be perfect for the Peanuts Gang upcoming blog hop. Who doesn't just love Snoopy?
I love this one and wouldn't you be able to make the sweetest mug rug to match it?

Cute kitty mug.
You'd be craving donuts whenever you drank from this mug.

For the Rubix Cube fans.

This one is a bit much! Coffee or tea just cannot taste good in this mug!
For you photography buffs.
Here's another lady bug mug too.

I already made a lady bug mug rug to match my lady bug mug, but this mug is a bit more elegant.
I love the catffeinated and the decatf  on this mug.
Since I live in New Mexico (although I don't live in Roswell), I thought an Alien mug would be  fun.
Not sure coffee or tea would taste very good in this one, but the recycling part is nice.
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?
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  1. Wow, I never surfed for mugs. Guess there is a mug for every single situation, love or collector.
    Yep, Snoop is my fav.

  2. I like your idea of mug rugs to match the mug. I will have to look for my favorite mug and make a rug to match. Thanks Daryl

  3. I love the mugs you found! I think Mrs. Right fits me, but I have a weakness for owls!

  4. Cat mugs I can't resist them. Love them all, the tolit and recycle mugs are a little to much, but really funny.

  5. ah, those are great! love the bird one and the lens one!

  6. They are all cute except for the toilet one. Yuck!!!! Imagine tea or coffee in that. Love the lady bug ones and the Mrs Always Right. LOLLL

  7. Thanks for sharing, they all look nice but I think I lean a little more towards the fancy lady bug and my second choice is the camera lens one. Maybe since you and I are always taking pictures we should get matching lens mugs! lol Bobbi SIA

  8. OMG! these are so darn cute Daryl:) I can't pick a favorite, although the Mrs. right would be funny to have at work LOL!! Congrats on you bag being featured, your work is amazing!! I'm sorry I haven't been around I've been so busy trying to get ready for my Stampin' Up! retreat this Saturday and I have two presentaions and many samples I have to display:) I hope you are well and having a great week!

  9. What neat mugs! I would pick any of them.....except the toilet.....I don't think I would care to drink out of that!


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