Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine Mug Rug

Next month my fiber arts group is swapping mug rugs. The theme is Valentine's Day, so I made this mug rug after I got inspired from this card that my bloggie friend Norma made and posted on her blog, Pink Bling Crafter. I love plays on words and this one was so cute that I knew it would make a cute quilted mug rug. I love hearts too!
 This is Norma's sweet card.
This is the mug rug that I made after being inspired by Norma's card. (I photographed this in the little dusting of snow we got.)
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  1. oh too cute and the play on words is great. Well done to you and Norma for her inspiration.

  2. How CUTE! Makes me inspired.

  3. I like the valentine Mug Rug. I really need to make some.

  4. That is a cute card and I can see how you would be inspired by it. Adorable mug rug and the play on words fits within so well for the theme and the item being a mug rug.

  5. It's beautiful and I love how you quilted hearts inside the heart. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. OMG! how excited am I that I was able to inspired "YOU" to create your adorable mug rug! It looks fantastic my friend! Thank you for the sweet shout out!! Totally made my day:)

  7. Very cute! Can't go wrong with whole latte love.

  8. OMG, I love it!!!!!!!


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