Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Your Words Blog Hop is Almost Here!

The hop starts on Monday and my day is Tuesday. I have one quilt done and am working on my second one for this blog hop. I ran out out of rick rack and may need to rip out what I already did if I can't find the same size and color to finish my quilt. I went to both JoAnn's and Michaels today and neither had much rick rack at all, let alone the small yellow I needed. So it's off to check out Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby tomorrow and see if I can find it. Otherwise I will need to change directions a bit. A design challenge, yes! The schedule for the hop is here. I am looking forward to seeing what all the participants came up with and I hope to see you here on Tuesday so you can see what I made too.

Meanwhile, my muscles are sore today because I had my first class at a hot Bikram yoga studio. It's a 90 minute class and I felt nauseous, my muscles were put through the test and man oh man is it ever humid in there! Okay the heat does make your muscles relax better and faster so you can do the poses, but when you are not used to doing exercise in heat, you also feel queasy. I am going to go for one month, thanks to a friend who gave me a gift card and I sure hope I acclimate quickly to the heat. It is nice to be in the heat in a way since it's been cold outside.
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  1. you can do it, remember my first time at a Bikram class i was convinced i was going to die of a heart attack. it gets easier to adapt to the heat. you are fotunate because you are flexible so you can focus more on the temperature then worrying about falling over tying to get into the postures like i do.
    i love seeing what the you and the other bloggers do for the hops. thanks for your hard work and inspiration.

  2. I'm not a lover of heat so I think I would pass on this one but it's good that you're making the effort. I think we all spend too much time sewing, blogging and surfing the net and neglect our health. Keep it up.

  3. I can't wait to see your quilt for tommorrow and I hope you find the Rick rack for the 2nd one! Great way to start the year with some Yoga! Have a fantastic day Daryl!

  4. OH Daryl, if you were here in Quebec, what I would say is go Daryl , go!!! Is an expression we use to give courage to someone starting something new, in your case exercises. I admire you because you need to have willingness and that is why I say go Daryl go, you're capable.
    As I'm behind in reading my posts, I want to tell you that I already saw your creation for the blog hop and I've left a comment there.
    (Your creations are gorgeus!!!!)


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