Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red Knit Cardigan Sweater

This was an easy-to-knit pattern and I love how it looks. I used a wool yarn in variegated red (with touches of gray and burgundy). Remember the pinwheel sweater I knit a while back that didn't fit in the arms? Well this is the yarn I ripped out from that sweater. Yes, I ripped out that entire sweater! That's the one good thing about yarn is that you can start over again if you make a mistake or just don't like how your creation is turning out.
The sleeves of this cardigan came out too long (I should have measured and tried this sweater on more carefully). So I did end up ripping out the lower portion of the sleeves and re-knitting it shorter. I think I must have T-Rex arms and not gorilla arms, lol! I need to knit a larger size to fit in the bust as that's the biggest part of me, so the arms and everything else tends to be too large and I need to adjust everything else smaller in those other areas.

Here's a tip for wool knits: soak your wool knitted garment in cool water that you have added hair conditioner to the water and let sit for at least an hour. Then block your garment as usual. The hair conditioner makes the wool feel much softer and it smells great too. I use a good quality hair conditioner that I buy at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or other natural food stores. Good quality hair conditioners contain essential oils and other good ingredients rather than chemicals and artificial fragrances which are found in cheaper mainstream products. I have chemical sensitivities, so I only buy the good quality products.
Here's my newly knit cardigan. I bought the Mama Bear Cardigan pattern on Craftsy.
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  1. Daryl, I love the sweater. I bought that same cardi, but I haven't started it yet. Thanks for the tip for wool and hair conditioner, I have some rather stiff wool yarn I will try it on.

  2. the sweater looks great on you and i like the closure you use as well. i hate it when i forget to measure. i give you a great deal of credit for ripping out an entire sweater but if you wouldn't have worn it then what you did was exactly what you needed to do. now you have a beautiful sweater that fits you and you'll wear it.

  3. Looks beautiful and I love those colours. You have so much patience.

  4. Hi Daryl. I love that sweater and will check out the pattern. When you say soak the wool sweater in water and hair conditioner, you didn't mention cool water but hopefully all your readers know they don't want to put wool in hot water.
    Hoping you can reply to this comment.

  5. Daryl, this sweater is absolutely beautiful, I love the colors of the wool, when I see creations like this, I tell myself that I have to learn to knit.
    Thanks for sharing, I love your sweater! Marisa.

  6. I overdyed some alpaca to make my Mama Bear. It is waiting to be blocked.

  7. Oh I haven't knitted is such a long time! I really wish I had the time! LOVE your sweater...those colours are simply divine!!
    - ChrisW Designs

  8. WOWZERS Daryl you amaze me every time with all your beautiful work! I love the color on the sweater just gorgeous!! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are coming along with your Christmas shopping:) As for me well some shopping but not done since I'm trying to plan my son's birthday for the 15th. Have a beautiful day!!


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