Friday, December 7, 2012

Pajama Bottoms

I made these pajama pants for my daughter's boyfriend. My daughter bought the fabric and I made the pants. He likes Chinese dragons and this fabric was perfect.
I found this flannel fabric when I was at JoAnn Fabrics one day and there was just enough fabric to make these pajama pants. So I made these for my daughter. Both these pj bottoms are gifts for Christmas, so I hope they don't look at my blog.
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  1. Beautiful dragon fabric. Is it satin or silk?

  2. they both are great but the dragon fabric is fabulous, you are so generous, i hope your family and friends realize how lucky they are.

  3. Gorgeous dragon fabric. Hope they both just love them. Do you have a favorite pattern that u use?

  4. WOW! both are fantastic and great gifts!!! I was also wondering if you have a favorite pattern you use that I can buy at Joann's:) I think these are great gifts to make and i will have to try to make some:) Have a fantastic day!!

  5. These pajamas are beautiful, besides being cute, they are seen comfortable. As always you did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing! Whenever I look at your creations you give me new ideas, I love that!!!! Marisa-


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