Sunday, September 18, 2011

Metal Tape Measure Snap Bag

This is the first and only bag I have made using a couple of pieces from a metal tape measure. My husband's metal tape measure broke and he was going to throw it away, so I said I wanted it and cut the tape measure into several pairs of different sizes. I finally got around to making one. It turned out nicely. I added the Prairie Points to the front and back of the bag thinking that I could use them as pulls to open the bag, but it didn't work at all. So I sewed a double-stacked button all the way through the bag as a decorative element instead. I am going to use this a a lunch bag. I doubt I will make any more of these, as I really don't care for the metal snap closure that much. It doesn't stay open. I prefer making zipper bags instead.
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  1. What a great idea, I never thought of that!

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