Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabric & Shirt Dyeing Day

I tie-dyed about 2 dozen shirts (tee-shirts and blouses), plus cotton fabric at the end of August. I let the items soak in the buckets for all day. The next day, I rinsed them out and washed them. I kept the excess dye in the buckets and dyed some more fabric as well as some rayon/wool blend felt, some cotton crocheted doilies, some cotton lace and rayon fabric. The darker dyes still dyed dark, but some of the other dyes dyed a lighter shade. So I ended up with quite a bit more dyed items by using the dye again the second day. I could have probably dyed more a third day with some of the dyes, but I was so tired I decided not to bother. I was pleased with most of dyed items. A few didn't come out as well as expected, but most did and some even better than I expected. I will try and take photos of a few shirts to post later.
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  1. This looks like a great project. What kinds of dyes do you use.


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