Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cotton Knit Market Bag

I knit this bag with cotton yarn. I had some misc. yarn and I was starting to run short of the blue yarn, so I switched to the pink in the middle of the bag. I saved some blue to finish the striped area above the pink, but then ran out of the blue completely and this time I used the pale yellow for the rest of handles. That should have been blue too. Oh well, it still will be very useful and I used up some of my yarn too.

I put some plastic bags inside to take this photo so it would show what it looks like when full.
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  1. I LOVE THIS PATTERN, i want to borrow it if that's OK. you did a great job and i love the mix of color. i particularly like the handle and the shape of the bottom of the bag. Great knitting as always.


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