Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Top view with pins.

I used dark green Perle cotton and wound it around the spool, rather than gluing on the green felt from the kit. I glued a felt circle on the bottom of the spool, but it's actually better without the felt as it doesn't sit as well with the felt. Remember this for the next pincushion I make.
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  1. this has to be the cutest pin cushion i have ever seen. i can't wait to make one, thanks for the tip about the felt bottom. i have some wooden spools that i haven't be able to get rid of because i knew that someday i would have a project for them. Now i do. i love your color sense.

  2. I love this pincushion, Daryl. I put it on my Pinterest Board (with credits to you!) and I hope to make one for my collection. I have no wooden spools but just by itself will be nice too.


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