Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fabric Folders

I made this folder for my friend Susan. She has a house on the Oregon coast.

Back of folder.

Inside pockets.

Inside of folder.

Back of folder.

Back & front.
Back & Front of folder.
Front of folder.
Selvage folder.
Back & front of folder.
Inside of folder.
I made this folder for my sister who got a job as a teacher's aide.
Inside of folder.
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  1. These folders are too darn cute! I love your imaginative use of fabric. Is there a tutorial somewhere for the folders?

  2. I am hoping to get a tutorial (eventually) for the folders. Might be awhile though as my right "sewing" foot has been hurting and I can't sew much right now. I must have over done with too much sewing! Keep checking the blog(s). I am teaching this at my small applique group in late Feb. so I may have the tutorial done just before or after I teach them.

  3. Wow!!! These are gorgeous. I love these. I may try to make some. They would be so handy. I'm pinning these. Hope you don't mind.


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