Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quilted Ginger Jar Placemats

Happy Birthday Tara! I made these set of 4 placemats for my friend for her birthday. Since my birthday is the 13th and hers is the 19th, we always get together and go out to lunch and celebrate our birthdays on a day inbetween our birthdays. We exchange gifts of course and this is what I made for Tara. Also instead of using gift wrapping, I placed these into one of the strawberry bags that I made. Tara loves Asian anything, so the bag and the placemats all use Asian fabrics.

I put the placemats into this bag I made. The bag folds into a strawberry. The instructions to make this bag can be purchased on Craftsy if you are interested.
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  1. Well happy birthday, even if it is a few days late!

  2. Happy Birthday, though late. We are of the same birthday month so that makes us connected I think.

    Your friend is a very lucky lady to receive such beauties from you.
    They are lovely. I hope she enjoys them.

  3. They're lovely, your friend is very lucky to be receiving such a beautiful gift.

  4. Daryl, Beautiful placemats and strawberry bag, your friend will love them.

  5. I'm sure your friend Tara stayed with admiration when she received the placemats you did. They are beautiful! I also really like the bag that you did to put in the placemats, a beautiful idea. Thanks for the inspiration you give us in each one of your post.

  6. OMG! Daryl these placemats are so beautiful and I love how each one is different! Tara will really love these!!


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