Friday, December 9, 2016

Lip Balm Holders

I made three Lip Balm Holders. These are fast and easy to make if you don't add hand applique and hand embroidery stitches like I did, LOL!!! Sewing on a sewing machine would really make these fast to sew. I followed Rochelle's free tutorial (her blog is eSheep Designs), but I used wool felt instead of ribbon or faux leather as she suggests using. These are great to clip on your handbag for easy access. Her tutorial is here.

My Lip Balm versions:
This is the back side of the lip balm holders. I figured since they swivel it may as well be pretty on the back too.

Here is the front side of the holders. You can see the folded place where the lip balm fits into.

I clipped this lip balm holder to my Carriers Conquest handbag. You can see my lip balm in the pocket holder.

The back of the holder.

If you have a ring on your handbag, these clip on easily.

Thanks Rochelle for the tutorial!
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  1. What a great idea. Perfect stocking stuffer!

  2. Sweet! (As a nephew of mine is fond of saying.) These have that awesome "I took my time and created this with loving hands" look to them. Kinda the opposite of what I was going for - LOL - but hey, it's another take on a fun and useful little item. Always happy to inspire someone!

  3. what a great idea and so cute. I like it in felt and your embellishments make them so decidedly Daryl.
    I could even change the design to fit the odd shape lip balm containers my daughter likes to use. the ones that look like an egg. The clip is a perfect addition.

  4. Daryl these are wonderful. Great gifts and affordable and quick. Thank you also for linking eSheep's tutorial.

  5. I found you on Linky Tuesday. Actually, it was your post about your ribbon lib balm holders that brought me here. You had me at "I made some out of felt"! I love felt! Thank you for sharing such a loving, cute and useful idea! After cruising through your blog and seeing your from New Mexico, I just had to sign up for your post via email! I'm from New Mexico, too! Hello there, Sister! :)


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