Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays & 31 Knit Scarves

I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of love. I hope you all have a joyous New Year too!

I knit 31 scarves (and 1 hat) between last year and the beginning of this year and donated them the local library who puts up a Christmas tree each year in the lobby and decorates the tree with the knit and crocheted items. These items can be hand made or store bought. The library collects these knit and crocheted accessories which they then donate to a local clothing closet which distributes to the needy. Here are the scarves I knit. Some that I knit were exact duplicates, so I only photographed one of them, because I was running out of branch space, lol!!! Hard to get a good photo of all of them together, so I grouped them.

I used up a lot of novelty yarn like eyelash yarn to knit these. I didn't want to use wool, since if they got improperly washed they would shrink and felt and might not even fit a doll then! Plus wool can be itchy and expensive to use and all these yarns were soft to wear.

I knit all almost all in garter stitch and long rectangles, except for one cowl and a few triangle shaped scarves. One I crocheted too.

Next year I hope to knit and donate hats of all sizes. Not sure how many hats I will complete in a year, so we'll see...

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  1. What a lovely thing to do, Daryl. 31 people will be grateful and warmer. Merry Christmas!

  2. That makes a nice colorful tree! I'm impressed by the number. I wish you a Happy Christmas!

  3. what a great way to use up yarn, keep yourself busy and most of all make a lot of people very happy and warm. Your tree is so colorful and the scarfs are bright and cheerful. great job.

  4. Very nice! I used to do that too, and I should get back to it. I have so much yarn I'm wondering what I'll do with, and here's my answer! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  5. Tremendous work, Daryl! You should feel very accomplished. When you started, did you think you would make this many or did you have a number in mind and work towards it?

  6. The scarves all look wonderful and soft and cozy! Merry Christmas, Daryl!

  7. Such a nice thing to do, Daryl. You knitted some really pretty scarves.

  8. Oh my goodness...look at all those beautiful scarves! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


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