Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can Tote, Zipper Pull, Knitted Bear

I quilted a piece of Love Bug fabric and wrapped it around a cardboard can (powdered soymilk once lived in this can) and added 2 handles. I gave this to my grandson to carry his little Match Box cars in. He always has to bring along 2 or 3 or 4 cars whenever he comes for a visit and now he can carry them in this can.

I made a little bag and put together this zipper pull with the Eiffel Tower and gave it to my daughter as she likes the Eiffel Tower and has been to Paris and saw it in person.

I knit this little bear a few years ago and never got around to making his face. Ron said he liked it without a face, so I finally put it out and it sits on our desk. I have on my to do list to knit a large teddy bear. I hope to start it sometime this year, but meanwhile I have other things to finish first.
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  1. Zane is so lucky to have you as his grandma. that "bug" fabric is adorable. i love the little bear as well.
    great job

  2. The recycled can to carry cars is a nice idea. Good job. Fabric looks like a lot of fun. Also like the Eiffel Tower pull. Nice way to preserve a memory. Judy Y.

  3. Oh my heck, your work is absolutely beautiful! So glad I found you! I'm your newest follower!

  4. I love your can tote! I have the same fabric and made a raq quilt for my daughter. The love bug fabric is one of my favorites!!

    Your knitted bear is so cute!!! I am adding you to my Google reader, hope you don't mind!!

  5. I love your little bear. Don't have a blog but I am looking forward to visiting yours often



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