Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knit Socks & Elephant

Socks I knit for my husband. Made with Knit Picks Essential sock yarn.

I knit this elephant from a book called Knitted Wild Animals. There are 15 cute animals to knit. I made this elephant and then asked my grandson what animal he wanted. Without seeing the book, he said "giraffe", So I am currrently making the giraffe. He also wants the snake after seeing the book. This photo shows his trunk tucked up and the photo below the trunk is down. I gave this elephant to my daughter, and she is giving this elephant to her friend Dee's daughter that is having a birthday party this weekend.
*Update on the elephant: My daughter told me that my grandson loves the elephant and couldn't give him up to his friends. He couldn't wait for the giraffe and snake to be made and he told my daughter that he needs the elephant. Amber said he slept with the elephant last night. Well I'm glad he likes the elephant so much. We'll see what happens once he gets the giraffe.

Trunk down.

Back view.

Profile with trunk tucked up.
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  1. love the socks, I've been making a lot myself these days. what do you think of knit picks sock yarn I've never used it. are those socks sport or fingering wt?
    the elephant is too cute, i think i might have to try to find that book, i can't wait to see the giraffe. i made some knitted animals for my girls when they were younger and they still love them. the tail on the elephant made me laugh out loud.


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