Friday, February 11, 2011

Iron Caddy

I made this iron caddy during a class at my quilt guild. It looks like a cute little bag that holds my iron when folded up.

When it's all opened up, it converts to an ironing surface.

When it's time to go home. You place your iron on the caddy and fold it up. See the first photo above.
The pattern for this is from Sisters' Common Thread and is called the Caddy Pad Pattern Plus.

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  1. Your caddy looks great. I love mine too. I made a mistake in using directional fabric because on one side of my caddy the chicken are sidways and upside down. Your fabric works perfectly. i also think its better to use a heavier weight fabric for the outside.

  2. I love your iron caddy and would like to make one. Could you possibly do a tutorial or give the dimensions? Thank you.

  3. The Iron Caddy I made was from a class I took and I purchased the pattern. The pattern name is "Caddy Pad" and it's from Sisters' Common Thread. Copy and paste this link:
    The pattern comes with the silver heat resistant material. I purchased the pattern without the silver material from the woman teaching the class and you can also use Insul-Bright batting and a duck-type material for the ironing surface, which is what I did. Since, this is a copyrighted pattern I cannot do a tutorial on this, sorry.

  4. Hi - thank you for not doing a tutorial on a copyrighted pattern. We as designers really appreciate that. If, however, you purchased the pattern without the heat resistant fabric in it - it may very well have been an illegally copied pattern. This pattern is always sold with the heat resistant fabric in it. As guild members, we would hope that they of all people would be the first to uphold the copyright laws. Many if not most pattern designers come from and belong to guilds.


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