Monday, July 20, 2009

Purses I Made

All these I made to sell. Some I sold, some I gave away and a few I still have.

I used a metallic thread to quilt the pocket on the front. I sold this purse.
I sold this purse.
I sold this purse.

I gave this one to my daughter.

I used some home decorator fabrics to make this purse and then I made a braided strap out of quilter's cotton weight fabric. (Update: I gave this purse away in a blog give-away I had December 2012)
Fabric wrapped clothesline bag.
Made with home dec fabric.
Looking inside the bag.

Clothesline with wrapped fabric is what I did to make this bag.
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  1. Cool. That coiled purse is pretty neat. What is your Etsy shop address?

  2. Found it in the about me-

  3. All lovely bags, Daryl. My favourite is the 5th one down.


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