Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Harlequin Zipper Pouch

This is The Harlequin zippered pouch from Crafted by Leanne. The pattern comes with this way to sew the pouch at an angle or straight without angles. This version seems to be the most popular on social media.

I used a Route 66 fabric print and faux cork (it's fabric that looks like cork). It is a cute pouch and there is a larger version as well, which I have seen turned into cross body bags or wristlets with straps.

The way the fabric prints were sewn in the front just happened to merge the state I was born in with the state that I live in. I guess that means I am a true Route 66 gal, lol!

This is the back of the pouch.

Inside a pretty print.

There is an updated add on template that Leanne created so that you can sew this pouch with Y-seams, instead of sewing the 2 separate pieces that have the center seam like mine has.
This bag has SOLD.

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  1. That is a really cute bag, but your fabric choices make it even better!

  2. Very cute bag in those fabrics!

  3. this is weird while I was in the middle of writing my comment and the whole screen jumps and suddenly what I was writing is gone and I have to start again. Anyway.. I just want to say that I love your fabric choices and the design.


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