Thursday, April 15, 2021

Email Followers: Attention Please

I just wanted to give any of my email followers a heads up that Feedburner who does the email subscriptions for blogs (all blogs) is going away in July 2021. So that means you will no longer get an email whenever I post something to my blog. And that also means that I won't have as many followers (again, since Blogger messed with something a few years ago that deleted a lot of my followers). So if you would still like to get email notification whenever I post to my blog, please sign up through Bloglovin' (found on the side of the blog).

You can also follow my blog by using Google Friend Connect (where it shows the people following me on the right side bar).

I am afraid that with the changes being made by Google periodically, that blogs soon will be gone altogether. So many ex-bloggers have opted for Facebook and or Instagram exclusively and now with this change, not only will followers of blogs have a harder time following, but us bloggers will be blogging to a black hole out there if more and more people stop following us or find it difficult to follow us bloggers. I am not sure it would be worth switching to a different blog platform as I am sure those other forms of blogs have their problems too. Plus I like Blogger's simple clean look and user friendly way of reading a blog. Other blogs out there you have to click so many things to even find the post you want to read and half the time I cannot even see where to add a comment. I don't like the look of those other blogs as well I like Blogger. 

I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. I hope you email subscribers will want to continue to follow me in one form or another. Thank you.
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  1. what a bunch of crap!! I'm so sorry to hear this I love blogs. I hate seeing things that work go away. its like all those updates on my phone that I never asked for but if I don't get it every time I turn on my phone it bugs me. Anyway keep me following you.

  2. I was wondering what you were going to do about the Feedburner problem. I'm probably going to migrate my list to MailChimp; it charges nothing for up to 2000 subscribers and I'm pretty sure I'll be out of the blogging biz before I ever hit that many.

    Are you sure you want to manage the list yourself?


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