Saturday, January 14, 2017

Diva Envelope Clutch

I tested this Diva Envelope Clutch for Rochelle of eSheep Designs late last year. It's a fun pattern and easy to sew. Pop on over to Rochelle's blog to find the link to get this Diva Envelope Clutch pattern at a sale price this weekend. Thanks Rochelle for a great and easy to sew pattern that allowed me to add my own creativity to the flap! You can make yours as per instructions or get creative with the flap too and make it yours.

I made the first test one for a friend for her birthday. I added a flower applique to the front. The flower was not part of the pattern, but just something I wanted to add to make more me.
I added an applique flower with buttons, even though the applique was not part of the pattern.

The back of the clutch has a zippered pocket. Great for holding pens or other things like a credit card or license if you don't want to carry a purse too.

My signature zipper pull.

It holds a legal pad or theme book or folder.

I found the stiffer interfacing called for in the pattern worked well for the exterior fabric, but wrinkled on my lining fabric. I gave Rochelle my suggestions for using a different interfacing for the lining, which I used on my second Diva Envelope Clutch (below) and it worked much nicer.😊
For Diva Envelope Clutch 2, I created fabric by sewing scraps of batik fabrics together to create yardage. Then I cut out the pieces needed and made according to the instructions, only I used a lighter interfacing for the lining this time and it worked out better with no wrinkles. I still used the stiff interfacing for the exterior.

Lining nice and smooth with no wrinkles.

I must have been distracted because I measured and sewed the zipper on the back off center! LOL! Oh well, it still works and this one is mine.
My zipper pull.

Now pop over to see Rochelle's blog and her version of the Diva Envelope Clutch as well as the other testers versions too.
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  1. Many thanks, Daryl, for your fine work and feedback. I hope you'll get good use out of your fab looking Diva!

  2. What a great pattern. I love the patchwork version you made.

  3. The patchwork batiks look great on your Diva Clutch, Daryl. Some of the pieces are so tiny - yes, I save pieces that small.

  4. As a big letter writer I love that this is a giant envelope. Your added embellishments of course make it very special, the flower is very fun and the zipper with the pull combine function with beauty. The batiks are beautiful and I like the inner fabric as well. Great job.

  5. I really like this envelope clutch. It reminds me of some I made long ago and need to make again. Hopefully my sewing machine will be out and usable very soon. Happy to see you sewing.


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