Monday, January 5, 2015

I Won't Buy From Walmart or use PayPal for Purchases Again!

I will never buy from Walmart online again! I will never use PayPal to purchase anything online again either! I am writing this posting to warn you all that what happened to me because it could happen to you too.
In November I purchased a few items online from Walmart. If I purchased $50 or more they would send it free to my house. 3 of the items I purchased were undergarments. I received my package in the mail and only received 2 items; one of the items was not in the package. The 2 items that were sent did not fit. I waited a few more days to see if the other one would arrive in the mail, it didn't. I wanted to return the items that didn't fit to the local Walmart, but because one item was never sent to me, I thought I would contact the online customer service and explain this to them. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! After emailing Walmart's customer service, I received a reply that was quite obvious to me that the customer service dept. was not in the USA. The misspelled words and the way the sentences were worded made me believe that English was their second language. I communicated with more than one representative and it was the same with both. I have nothing against the people who work in another country trying to do their job, but when there is something lost in translation then they need to get someone who can understand English to deal with the situation. They did not, even though I asked for someone who could speak and understand English.

I told them they did not send me one of the items and that the ones they did send to me didn't fit and I wanted to return the 2 for a refund and get refunded for the item that never arrived. I was told to return the items and I would get a refund. I explained over and over again that one item didn't arrive and I wanted a refund for that item. Over and over they told me I would get a refund as soon as the items arrived. I wanted to scream! Once you contact the online customer service you cannot take the items to the local store to get refunded, so I had to mail them back. I got the refund for 2 items. I tried again in vain to get Walmart to refund the item that I paid for that never arrived to me. No luck. I paid with PayPal so I opened a dispute with PayPal. I got an email from PayPal telling me I was entitled to a soon as I returned the item. HUH? Doesn't anyone at PayPal speak and understand English either? I continued emailing PayPal to explain this situation. They all must be robots who do not understand anything you tell them at both Walmart and PayPal. I must have emailed each company 9-10 times and finally today I received a final email from PayPal telling me that they cannot verify the item was sent to me. Of course it wasn't sent to me, but I PAID for it! I paid in advance for something that I never received and isn't that the same as stealing from me? I gave them money for goods and I received NOTHING but a huge headache over this. I am glad it wasn't a huge amount of money or I would reporting them both to the Better Business Bureau. Chalk it up as experience.

I will only pay with Visa from now on. I will not use PayPal again and since PayPal is an Ebay company, I won't be buying from Ebay again either unless I can use my credit card and not PayPal. I thought that PayPal was supposed to stand behind you when you used their services for paying? I guess not! I suppose since Walmart is such a huge corporation that PayPal would rather side with them than with a little customer like myself.  I know that blogging and other social media can have a huge impact, so this is why I had to blog and tell others about my (bad) experience so that someone else doesn't get screwed by those big ass corporations who don't care about anything except their bottom line!

I have seen a lot of blogs/websites out there who are against PayPal too. Apparently there are a lot of other issues why you shouldn't use them. One website is called PayPal Sucks in case you want to read more about it. I should have known better and not purchased from Walmart in the first place. Walmart is notorious for hurting other small businesses and causing them to close. If only I had read more about both of these places before doing business with them!
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  1. I avoid Wal-Mart for lots of reasons, including the ones you said. I do like PayPal and so far have had no problems. Hands down though the best, #1 choice for online ordering for me is Amazon Prime. Free shipping, and Amazon will back up their brand. We ordered a fountain that had a leak when we filled it: the seller replaced it before we even returned the leaky one. I've ordered many things through Amazon and never been disappointed. This Christmas I also had a great experience with - ordered late, delivery free but will take 2-3 weeks, I emailed their customer service, and the item I ordered Dec. 23 arrived on DEC.26!! I was astounded. I would use them again.

  2. I had a similar experience with After going round and round with someone in the Phillipines, my husband asked to speak to someone in the US. Finally got someone in Kentucky and she was helpful althought the issue wasn't resolved very quickly. So next time, ask to speak to someone in the united states. I would also have probably taken everything to the local Walmart and let them figure it out. Annoying at the Holidays as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment Carol. I couldn't email you a personal reply because you are a no-reply.

  3. Don't know if it would help, but it's possible to use Paypal and still pay with a credit card. It will show on your bill as a Paypal charge, but you would be able to dispute it with your credit card company regardless. I've never had any problems with Paypal, and I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart for lots of reasons. I agree with the commenter above about Amazon Prime, however. Love it.

  4. Just as well we don't have Pay Pal then or else I'm sure I'd get caught out. I'd be constantly buying online.

  5. Can't blame you on Walmart. I used to do mr grocery shopping there as it was cheaper than the local food chains --- until I found bugs in the food; jars breaking in my hands, etc. Unfortunately I still buy a couple of things from them. As for paypal haven't had a probelm but use credit card at all times.

  6. i started getting charges from paypal that i didn't like so i cancelled them. Have had no trouble with walmart but it's about the only place here to buy things

  7. I have never shopped online at Walmart, but I do shop at their store. I live in a small town and this is all we have. When they built the new store they lied about what they were going to put in there craft wise. I was really mad because, like I said, this is all we have. Someone in the store told me to send an email to tell them my complaints. I did and this email went to the office in New York. Needless to say, they listened to my complaints and put all the items I requested in the new store.

  8. Don't give up. Find the name of the company's CEO(usually that's available when you do an online search) and write directly to him. Mark the letter and envelope with PERSONAL. It might help and sure can't hurt.

  9. Oh WOW! so sorry to hear about all the headaches you've had to go through an how terrible of Walmart to not give customer service. I really don't shop at Walmart and I do use Paypal and I haven't had any issues, knock on wood! Thank you for the info on Paypal and I might just have to be more caution about my purchases or just use my credit cards. DO NOT give up and I agree with LJ above and write a letter to the CEO. I sure hope they refund you and do keep us posted. TFS

  10. Well that just sucks big time. Sorry but I did have to chuckle when they told you to return the item and you'll be refunded. What part of you statement could they not understand?
    Sorry for your woes. I agree with the others write the CEO. Now it's a matter of principal not so much the money as I see it.
    Good Luck


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